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Winter sale at Zazou: up to 40% off


On line sale…

First of all, we wish you a fantastic, colourful and loving 2011. Lots of you have opted for a clean start of the new year, judging by the number of christmas trees in the street… Well, so have we! That’s why we are clearing out our shelves to make room for the new collections coming up next month. Your benefit: 30% off Kik*Kid, and 40% off Wild, Kidz-Art, Blond&Blond, Blemish, Kunstboer and Sprout Kingdom.

Blond&Blond Car T-shirt was €25,95 now €15,55 

Kik-Kid cool girl’s hoody was €48,50 now €33,95 

Blemish, cool “here comes trouble” shirt was €29,95 now €17,95; also in ‘Yeti’ 

Kidz-Art dress, also in pink, was € 36,50 now € 21,90; Leggings, also in grey and blue, was €22,95 now €13,75 

25% off all Kunstboer T-shirts at


Fed up with grey autumn weather already, has decided to brighten up the day: now 25% off all colourfull and funky Design Heroes Kunstboer children’s T-shirts, both for boys and girls!

Candy Queen
€ 24,95
€ 18,70

Chocolate Monkey
€ 24,95
€ 18,70

Crazy animals on! / Les Zanimos débarquent en trombe !


Meow, arf arf, moo, grrr!

A new herd of funky animals has joined the Zazou (or should it be Zazoo?!) collection! These T-shirts by Design Heroes are funny and slightly kitsch, with names like Lucky Bunny, Cookie Freak, Candy Queen, Hamburger King and Party Animal. Just the way we like them!

Miaou ! Wouf ! Meuh ! Grrr !

Toute une troupe d’animaux rigolos débarquent sur Découvrez Lucky Bunny, Cookie Freak, Candy Queen, Hamburger King et Party Animal… des T-shirts colorés de la marque Design Heroes : très tendance avec un zeste de kitsch. C’est comme ça qu’on les aime !

Kingkie, Design Heroes Little Bully, Design Heroes Lucky Bunny, Design Heroes
Cookie Freak, Design Heroes Candy Queen, Design Heroes Hamburger King, Design Heroes

Price: € 24,95 / Prix : € 24,95

Holiday Season Sales: up to 50% off / Promos de Noël : des rabais jusqu’à 50%


Our winter sales have kicked off!

Up to 20% off on the Kik-Kid and Kidscase wintercollection 2008/2009 and up to 50% on Imps&Elfs, The Dutch Design Bakery and more!

3…2…1… C’est parti !

Jusqu’à 20% de réduction sur les collections d’hiver 2008/2009 Kik-Kid et Kidscase, et jusqu’à 50% sur Imps&Elfs, The Dutch Design Bakery et d’autres marques !

Example / exemple :

Kidscase dress @ Kidscase polo @ Kidscase monkeysuit @

€ 59,95

NOW 47,95


€ 32,50

NOW 26,-


€ 35,-

NOW 28,-

Kik-Kid pants @ Kik-Kid hat @ Kik-Kid dress @


€ 24,95

NOW € 19,95


€ 18,95

NOW 15,95


€ 36,50

NOW 29,-

New bibs

We have a newby on our site: cute retro bibs by one of our favorite designers Tante Tinus. How’s that for a Christmas gift?!

À vous faire baver d’envie

Découvrez notre dernière trouvaille : mignon bavoir à fleur rétro, de la créatrice Tante Tinus. Une bonne idée cadeau pour les fêtes !

Retro flower bib Tante Tinus @

Retro backpacks / les sac à dos rétros


Retro Backpacks
As you know, we recently added a collection of backpacks and mini-shoppers. We now have some really cute retro backpacks as well! Made of brightly printed Mexican pvc oilcloth in flower or check print, they’re sturdy and easy to clean (just wipe!). With their adjustable straps, draw string and front pocket with zip, they are perfect for school. Or simply to carry your new cuddly animal with you all the time!

Des fleurs plein le sac à dos
Nous avons récemment créé une rubrique sacs à dos, paniers & sacs à main sur notre site et nous sommes fiers d’y ajouter aujourd’hui une belle sélection de sacs à dos rétro. Imprimés d’éclatants motifs floraux mexicains et à carreaux, sur une toile cirée très solide et facile à nettoyer ! Ils sont parfaits pour l’école ou pour trimballer le nouveau doudou partout.

Sac à dos @ Sac à dos @ Sac à dos @

It’s in the bag baby! / L’affaire est dans le sac !


Stand out from the crowd
We proudly present our Design Heroes animal backpacks. Aren’t they cool? With their round shapes, bright colours and fun animal faces the school run just became a lot more fun! Each with handy adjustable straps and an inside zip pocket. Chocolate milk spills? No worries – just let the washing machine take care of it!

Nous sommes très fiers de vous présenter notre super collection de zanimos, sacs à dos rigolos de Design Heroes. Regardez comme ils sont beaux, touts ronds et pleins de couleurs – idéal pour emporter partout son doudou ou le goûter de la récré. En plus les sacs sont lavables à la machine – rugissement de satisfaction garanti pour les parents et les petits !

Backpacks Design Heroes @ Backpacks Design Heroes @
Backpacks Design Heroes @ Backpacks Design Heroes @ Backpacks Design Heroes @