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Winter sale at Zazou: up to 40% off


On line sale…

First of all, we wish you a fantastic, colourful and loving 2011. Lots of you have opted for a clean start of the new year, judging by the number of christmas trees in the street… Well, so have we! That’s why we are clearing out our shelves to make room for the new collections coming up next month. Your benefit: 30% off Kik*Kid, and 40% off Wild, Kidz-Art, Blond&Blond, Blemish, Kunstboer and Sprout Kingdom.

Blond&Blond Car T-shirt was €25,95 now €15,55 

Kik-Kid cool girl’s hoody was €48,50 now €33,95 

Blemish, cool “here comes trouble” shirt was €29,95 now €17,95; also in ‘Yeti’ 

Kidz-Art dress, also in pink, was € 36,50 now € 21,90; Leggings, also in grey and blue, was €22,95 now €13,75 

i-Dare funky underwear / i-Dare caleçons pour garçons culottés / Stoer i-Dare ondergoed


i-Dare underwear for big boys

No more boring white slips or been there seen it Batman boxer shorts! This is just the coolest and most comfortable underwear you have ever seen… I dare you to wear these! (9,95 €; 2-9y)

Pour garçons culottés

Fini les grand slips blancs ou Batman ! Voici enfin des caleçons vraiment cool ! Le cadeau parfait pour Noël (9,95 € ; 2-9 ans)

Supervette boxers voor boys!

Weg met die lelijke witte slips of flauwe Batman-boxers! Eindelijk is er echt leuk ondergoed voor stoere jongens! Lekker comfortabel bovendien. Wedden dat zoonlief nooit meer een andere onderbroek aan wil? Enne… niet verklappen hoor, maar de Sint is vast van plan om er een paar in zijn schoen te stoppen… (€9,95; 2-9 jaar)

i-Dare underwear @
i-Dare underwear @ i-Dare underwear @

New winter collection: Sprout Kingdom / Nouvelle collection hiver : Sprout Kingdom / Nieuwe wintercollectie: Sprout Kingdom



The Sprout Kingdom autumn and winter collection has arrived: leggings, sweat pants, mini dresses, tunics and fun longsleeves are friendly priced, originally designed and made of 100% organic cotton. And what’s more: little boys have been thought of as well this time!


La nouvelle collection hiver de Sprout Kingdom pour filles et garçons est arrivée : leggings, pantalons, mini jupes, tuniques et T-shirts à manches longues. Des couleurs et imprimés mélangés toujours originaux et 100% coton bio.


De vriendelijk geprijsde wintercollectie van Sprout Kingdom is binnen! Leggings, broekjes, mini-jurkjes en lieve longsleeves van 100% biologische katoen. En niet onbelangrijk: nu ook voor jongens!

Sprout Kingdom Kikkerprins T-shirt
Sprout Kingdom Tuniek
Sprout Kingdom mini-jurkje

Summer sales / C’est les soldes / Zomeruitverkoop


Summer clearance

Get up to 65% off the entire Kidscase collection and up to 50% off the whole Kik*Kid collection.

Les petits prix, c’est parti

Obtenez jusqu’à 65% sur la collection de Kidscase et jusqu’à 50% sur la collection de Kik*Kid. Découvrez également la page des bonnes affaires.

De uitverkoop is begonnen!

Met tot wel 65% korting op Kidscase en tot 50% korting op Kik*Kid. Kijk ook eens op onze uitverkooppagina.

Jumpsuit Kidscase @

€ 29,95
€ 22,45

Terry shirt Kidscase @

€ 35,00
€ 26,00

Sports skirt Kidscase @

€ 29,95
€ 22,45

€ 19,95
€ 14,95

Kik*kid flower dress @

€ 35,00
€ 26,00

Kik*Kid leggings @

€ 29,95
€ 22,45

New from the Dutch Design Bakery / Les nouveautés de Dutch Design Bakery


So sweet

A whole new range of Dutch Design Bakery items has arrived! Come and have a look at this über sweet collection! Prices range from € 19,95 until € 29,95

À craquer

Cette semaine, nous vous présentons la nouvelle gamme super sweet de Dutch Design Bakery !
N’attendez pas pour découvrir cette craquante collection !
Prix à partir de 19,95 €

The Dutch Design Bakey skirt The Dutch Design Bakery poodle T-shirt

The Dutch Design Bakery poodle dress The Dutch Design Bakery romper

The Dutch Design Bakery ajour T-shirt The Dutch Design Bakery glamour girl longsleeve

The Dutch Design Bakery urban cowboy cardigan The Dutch Design Bakery urban cowboy cardigan