New: Tapete, 100% organic T-shirts and jumpsuits


So cute, our new organic brand Tapete


Winter sale at Zazou: up to 40% off


On line sale…

First of all, we wish you a fantastic, colourful and loving 2011. Lots of you have opted for a clean start of the new year, judging by the number of christmas trees in the street… Well, so have we! That’s why we are clearing out our shelves to make room for the new collections coming up next month. Your benefit: 30% off Kik*Kid, and 40% off Wild, Kidz-Art, Blond&Blond, Blemish, Kunstboer and Sprout Kingdom.

Blond&Blond Car T-shirt was €25,95 now €15,55 

Kik-Kid cool girl’s hoody was €48,50 now €33,95 

Blemish, cool “here comes trouble” shirt was €29,95 now €17,95; also in ‘Yeti’ 

Kidz-Art dress, also in pink, was € 36,50 now € 21,90; Leggings, also in grey and blue, was €22,95 now €13,75 

Zazou kicks off the Holiday season: -25% on Blemish, Kidz-Art and Blond&Blond


Now 25% off

Winter sales have started at Zazou, with 25% off Blond&Blond, Kidz-Art and Blemish. Isn’t that sweet, just before the Holidays? Enjoy!

Car jumpsuit was €24,50 now €18,35; also in rabbit or horse

Let’s Dance dress was €41,50 now €31,10

Striped trousers was €24,95 now €18,70; also in grey melée

Tricot longsleeve polo with circles was €39,95 now €29,95; also in purple


25% off all Kunstboer T-shirts at


Fed up with grey autumn weather already, has decided to brighten up the day: now 25% off all colourfull and funky Design Heroes Kunstboer children’s T-shirts, both for boys and girls!

Candy Queen
€ 24,95
€ 18,70

Chocolate Monkey
€ 24,95
€ 18,70

Cold? New hot hats, mittens and jumpsuits by Kik*Kid at


Fun new bonnets and mittens with matching suits at